Custom Shoes

we paint leather and canvas 


bring old sneakers back to life

custom apparel

create and decorate clothing

graphic design

logos, print, publications, promotional and marketing materials, packaging, 


Our team of photographers are experienced visionaries who are here to capture every moment.

illustration & painting

From digital programs to canvas and paints, we can create the perfect image for you.


mixed media printing, like foil and reflective materials. can be applied to garments or objects such as phone cases, etc.

silk screen

traditional printing with ink and screens. applied to garments and paper products. limited color and blend abilities


direct to garment printing method which utilizes the full capabilities of an inkjet printer. best option for multi-color, picturesque prints.


decorating garments with stitching.


we redesign classic fashion with a modern twist, as well as cutting and sewing new designs.

limited drops

We offer a small amount of our unique designs for sale to the public.


We have talented pencil and paint artists

Interior walls

Add art to your home or office


We can turn your bland wall into a show piece.

Online Presence

create a viral buzz for your business

Web Design

make a statement with your website

User Experience

Make yourself more accessible to your customers.